A Japanese myth tells us a story concerning one happy man who got useful expertise from his dad – info about the factor of a hundred conditions. Taking after his father’s suggestions, the kid maintained massaging this point regularly, and he lived to see the birth as well as death of a few rulers.

The massage therapy of a couple of factors is one of the most well established systems for treatment in the East, which has been used for a terrific years. In basic, the human body has 365 points and also 12 main meridians, which coincides as the amount of the days and also months in one year.

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The influences of these massages (stress point massage therapy, finger weight to specific concentrates), are focused around the theory of the meridians as well as networks that are joined with certain organs.

In Chinese medication, the body is considereded as a vigor system, as well as thus, the massage can affect the stream of vitality as well as the helpful action of the organs.

The initiation of the Zu San Li point causes a lasting revitalizing and also fixing influence, postponing the developing. In China, this point is called – ‘the factor of long life’, and in Japan – “the point of a hundred illness”.

Where is that magic point (Zu San Li) in our body?

The factor of durability is placed underneath the kneecap. As to uncover it, you ought to cover your knee with the hand of the very same hand.The factor is discovered between the ends of the little finger and also ring finger, as a little scratch in between the bones. You can find in an alternate means, too.

You have to remain on the floor, sturdily push your feet to the floor and require them to you, and do not elevate your heels from the floor.

You will certainly see that underneath the knee there is a higher area. Spot the acme, put your finger on it, and take a start placement. The factor on which your finger is pressed is called– Zu San Li.

What’s the function of this factor why do the Japanese call it – A point of a hundred diseases?

— It carries out the work of the organs that are put in the reduced component of the body.

— t conducts the job of the spinal cable in the parts that are in charge of the most effective possible working of the stomach tract, processing tract, genital body organs, kidneys and adrenal organs.

By scrubing the Zu San Li factor you can build the movement of the adrenal organs, one of the most capable organs that tackle as the concept guard of human wellbeing.

They discharge adrenaline, hydrocortisone and also other vital hormones into the blood.

On the off possibility that you massage therapy “the point of long life” constantly, you can systematize the job of the adrenal organs, which execute the coming with capacities in the immune system:

  • – Normalization of the blood pressure
  • – Normalization of the sugar, the insulin
  • – Regulation of the immune system
  • – Elimination of the inflammatory processes in the organism

Also, by massaging the Zu San Li factor, you can:

  • – Improve digestion
  • – Deal with the influences of a stroke
  • – Heal health problems of the gastrointestinal tract

The massaging of this point will aid you to broaden your certainty, kill the stress and anxiety and stress and find interior concordance.

By scrubing this point, you can treat various ailments, including missteps, irregularity, gastritis, incontinence.

In what capacity would certainly you have the ability to influence the “point of longevity”?

It is ideal to rub the Zu San Li factor in the early morning, before having lunch, 9 times in a roundabout motion in a clockwise way on each leg (9 times on one as well as 9 times on the other leg). You should certainly do this for 10 minutes.

Before you begin rubbing, you ought to take an acceptable, loosened placement (resting). Peaceful the breathing and emphasis yourselves on your feelings. Area yourselves in a condition of amicability as well as understanding that you are beginning the mending treatment. This rub has an empowering impact.

You can rub the factor with your fingers or with any kind of grain (buckwheat, oats, rice, and more … ).

Additionally, you can place half a garlic clove as well as let it stay on for 1-2 hours (till the skin reddens). The massaging of the Zu San Li point at night appropriates for weight decrease – they state, 400 to 500 grams every week. Regardless don’t massage it right prior to going to sleep, because of that it can lead to a resting disorder.

You could scrub the Zu San Li point consistently, yet the finest effect is accomplished while of the New Moon.

  1. Eight days after the begin of the New Moon, make sure to rub this factor in the early morning, on the or on each one leg in the clockwise means. This is the ideal time for rub bearing in mind completion objective to strengthen the immune system, boost the job of all body organs and reduce the aging procedure.
  2. Before lunch, rub the factor on each leg in the clockwise way, so as to improve the basic tone, the memory, the job of the cardio system as well as the digestive system system.
  3. After lunch, massage the factor at the same time on both legs – against stress and anxiety, nervousness as well as irritation, versus migraine headaches and also sleep disorders.
  4. At evening, scrub it in the counterclockwise way, after that again on each leg, bearing in mind completion objective– to enhance the digestion system and also aid weight loss.

Go for it!