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The healthiest means to prepare is one that secures flavor and keeps valuable nutrients while lowering the need for salt, sugar or fat. Healthy food preparation helps you manage your weight by controlling calories and making certain general healthiness. Unhealthy cooking methods, such as frying, increase the threat of cardiovascular disease by raising artery-clogging LDL– bad cholesterol– as well as reducing HDL– good cholesterol. Usage healthy cooking approaches as part of your general healthy and balanced lifestyle.


  • Steaming is a healthful approach of food preparation. Steam foods, such as vegetables, by positioning them in an enclosed container as well as preparing them with damp warmth. The key is to avoid overcooking your food, to make sure that it retains as much all-natural flavor and also nutrient content as feasible. Steam food utilizing a perforated, collapsible basket that sits in a pot a few inches above boiling water, or utilize a Chinese bamboo steamer that is created to rest in a wok. Electric cleaners are additionally readily available. This gentle means of food preparation works well for fish in addition to vegetables.


  • Grilling, whether over charcoal or with gas heat, is just one of the tastiest ways to prepare a healthy meal. Dry, extreme heat is important. Barbecuing lean cuts of meat, chicken and also fish at high temperature levels permits excess fat to drain from the meat while sealing in the food’s all-natural juices and flavoring. This makes included fat unneeded as well as aids to maintain calories low. The high warmth likewise helps lock in useful nutrients. String bite-size items of produce on skewers and also grill them for a healthy and yummy meal.


  • Stir-frying entails cooking small, evenly cut pieces of food– such as meat, fish as well as veggies– in a small quantity of healthful oil or sauce for a brief amount of time at extremely high warmth. The method is optimal for keeping the minerals and vitamin material of foods. A Chinese frying pan, which is put on a steel ring that sits over the stove burner, is normally made use of for stir-frying. Continuously stir or toss the food to keep it from coming to be overcooked or adhering to the bottom of the frying pan. You might likewise make use of a basic sauté pan for stir-frying.


  • Poaching is a moist-heat approach of food preparation that protects the flavor and also locks in vitamins and mineral material, while keeping the shape of delicate foods– such as eggs, fish and also fruit– intact. Poaching is a healthy way to cook since the approach requires no included fats or oils. Simply simmer food delicately in a fluid, such as water, brew, or juice, up until it is completely prepared and tender.

Microwave Oven

  • Although microwave are conventional devices in most homes, dormitories and workplaces, lots of individuals still question whether cooking food in a microwave is healthy. Microwave ovens utilize waves of electro-magnetic energy to prepare foods. Nutrition loss is inevitable whenever foods are subjected to heat, microwave food preparation could do a better job of maintaining vitamins and mineral material compared to stove-top or oven cooking because cooking times are much shorter, according to the Harvard Medical Institution. Use only microwave-safe cooking containers.