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Phentermine is a weight management medication that is only available with a prescription. Fastin is another substance abuse for effective weight loss, however it could be acquired over-the-counter. Both drugs come from a class of medicines called hunger suppressants.


  • Phentermine is the common name for the brand medications, Adipex and also Ionamin. Fastin is a trademark name drug that does not have a common equivalent.


  • Fastin was as soon as a prescription medicine that had phentermine. In 1998, the original medicine was ceased as well as the trade name was purchased by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The firm then began to region a different effective weight loss supplement under the name ‘Fastin’.


  • Hi-Tech drugs changed the active component in the original Fastin, 37.5 milligrams of phentermine hydrochloride, with 37.5 milligrams of phenylethylamine hydrochloride. This caused many consumers to think that the drug had not altered. The business additionally utilized that Fastin was as soon as available only by prescription as a part of its advertising campaign.

Time Frame

  • Both Fastin as well as phentermine should not be considered longer compared to 12 weeks, as both medicines may be addicting.

Fun Fact

  • Phenylethylamine, the active component in Fastin, is the exact same chemical in charge of the mood-altering impacts some individuals may experience when eating chocolate.


  • Phentermine and also Fastin could be unsafe if taken improperly. Constantly comply with the suggestions of your medical professional when using any type of weight-loss aid.