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The grades of milk found at grocery stores are whole, 2 percent, 1 percent as well as skim, which describe the quantity of milk fat by quantity. Entire milk is 3.5 to 4 percent milk fat, while skim milk is 0.5 percent fat or less.


  • A red container top indicates whole milk and also one cup has 150 calories, 70 which are from fat. Physicians suggest serving entire milk to youngsters under 2 years of age since milk fat is abundant in vitamin A, as well as saturated fats are necessary for baby mind development.

2 percent

  • Milk with a blue container top is 2 percent, and a mug has 125 calories– 41 from fat. It’s excellent for those that had actually want to minimize saturated-fat intake without giving up taste.

1 percent

  • A purple bottle cap denotes 1 percent milk, and also a cup contains 102 calories, with exactly 21 from fat– concerning fifty percent as many as 2 percent. Makers typically include vitamin A to 2 percent, 1 percent as well as skim varieties to change vitamins removed with the fat. Protein-fortified reduced-fat milk is likewise common.


  • Sold in containers with a light blue top, skim milk, additionally called nonfat milk, has actually had mostly all fat eliminated. Each mug of skim milk has merely 83 calories, with only two from fat. The slim taste might take some getting utilized to, however skim milk provides all the calcium, potassium and also vitamins of entire milk without the saturated fat.