blood type diet

The Alkaline Diet regimen entails an all natural approach to boosting total health by eating foods with an alkali content that simulates the body’s normal pH degree of 7.36 to 7.44. Advocates of the diet regimen deal that consuming foods with a pH level proximal to that which naturally occurs in the body treatments chronic exhaustion, regular colds as well as infections.


  • The Alkaline Diet regimen supposedly lowers circulating levels of acidic compounds in the body system by prescribing a marginal consumption of foodstuffs which contain high levels of acid, such as meat, as well as boosting the consumption of products with low degrees of acid, such as mushrooms as well as potatoes.


  • Adhering to the Alkaline Diet regimen allegedly minimizes the risk of a number of conditions, such as heart illness, stroke and also cancer cells, and alleviates symptoms of bad health, such as weak nails, hives as well as excess mucus production.


  • Health experts do not recommend the Alkaline Diet regimen, baseding on Stephanie Vangsness, who holds a master’s level in nourishment and also health promo. Vangness’s file appeared on the Aetna Intelihealth internet site, in a September 8, 2010, write-up labelled ‘Alkaline Diets and Cancer: Reality or Fiction?’