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A staple of Indian Ayurvedic medication, amalaki is a nutrient-rich fruit that has actually been utilized as both food and medication for countless years. With the globalization of standard health and wellness methods as well as items, highly nourishing ‘super foods,’ including amalaki, are being exported around the globe, often prior to detailed screening about whether they are really risk-free to take in regularly. With amalaki, there are no records of toxicity or adverse effects, although some Ayurvedic professionals advise it must not be taken by people with particular conditions, based on conventional use.

Traditional Use

  • According to the Dhanvantari Ayurveda Establishment in Florida, Amalaki fruit is helpful for a vast array of conditions including piles, diabetes, hepatitis, sore throat and any sort of inflammation. Amalaki is among the 3 ingredients in the tonic referred to as Triphala, which is implied to revitalize the whole body system and ward off aging, illness and also death. Triphala is advised to all people, from professional athletes to seniors, but the Dhanvantari Ayurveda Center alerts that pregnant women and also those struggling with high fevers or looseness of the bowels ought to prevent its use.

Constituents of Amalaki

  • Amalaki is understood for being one of the greatest all-natural resources of vitamin C. A research released in the journal Scientia Horticulturae in June 1991 found that amalaki has 161 times more vitamin C compared to apples. Vitamin C is recognized for its variety of advantages for the human system including fighting infections, cancer cells as well as inflammation. Unlike oil-soluble vitamins like E as well as A, vitamin C is water soluble, meaning that unwanted is conveniently secreted in pee which toxic levels are so high that they are hard to ingest unintentionally. Besides vitamin C, amalaki has a host of various other nutrients including anti-oxidants, amino acids and protein.

Modern Applications

  • Besides being a really healthy food and also a natural resource of vitamin C, amalaki has actually also been located to be beneficial in a number of health and wellness problems in lab setups. As a matter of fact, a research study conducted at the China Drug University found that amalaki successfully hinders the development of atherosclerosis, a leading source of cardiovascular disease. Another research study, at the Bhabha Atomic Study Center in India, located that amalaki was able to shield cells from radiation-induced damage and also acts as a powerful scavenger of free radicals (compounds which damages cells).


  • Even though there are presently no serious cautions or contraindications related to taking in amalaki fruit, customers should constantly exercise caution. Amalaki is sold as well as packaged as a dried out powder, which could be adulterated with various other constituents depending upon the resource. Amalaki is likewise highly acidic, like vitamin C itself, and might distress the digestive system tract if taken on an empty stomach.