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The human body requires amino acids such as L-lysine for growth and also tissue repair service. A deficiency of this nutrient can lead to a slow-moving immune system that does not have the ability to fight off cold sores, tiles and also various other herpes viruses.

Insufficient Healthy protein Consumption

  • Animal protein abundant in L-lysine includes beef, poultry, fish, milk and also eggs, which provides as much as 2 g per serving. Vegans have a harder time acquiring L-lysine, since veggies and grains typically provide not enough amounts.

Few Vegan Sources

  • Most vegan foods offer little to no L-lysine. Peas, beans, lentils and a grain called quinoa are complete healthy proteins, supplying all 9 essential amino acids consisting of L-Lysine.

Consuming Too Much L-Arginine

  • Another amino acid called L-arginine takes on L-lysine for absorbability. Any person having a hard time with herpes viruses need to stay clear of or else healthy and balanced nuts and seeds, since they do not consist of adequate L-lysine to offset their high L-arginine content.