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Asians have actually been using lime as well as honey in water for weight loss given that time immemorial, according to Tess Thompson on the site Native Remedies.

According to Organic Details, a glass of warm water blended with lime juice is not just an exceptional weight reducer, yet additionally an anti-oxidant drink. The site says lime gets its fat-reducing commercial properties from its high degrees of citric acid. No medical researches back up these diet claims, however.

Nutritional Composition

  • Lime juice is abundant in vitamins as well as minerals, specifically potassium (109 mg in 100 grams), according to the web site Calorie Counter. Lime juice also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, salt and in lesser amounts, zinc, copper, manganese as well as selenium.

    Vitamin C is the most bountiful in lime juice, with 29 mg per every 100 grams, baseding on Calorie Counter.


  • Add warmer water (according to your preference) to the juice of half a lime as well as a teaspoon of honey, and also consume it very first point in the morning. This combination likewise assists to cleanse the system, according to Indigenous Treatments. You can include more lime juice for a stronger taste, yet don’t enhance the amount of honey. According to Organic Information, you must have just two glasses a day.

Other Benefits

  • Some people stay lime juice could ensure excellent digestion. They also believe it can assist in the treatment of joint inflammation, rheumatism, amongst other wellness problems, according to Organic Details, yet no clinical researches assist these conclusions.

    Lime juice with water is a natural remedy, for that reason it does not have adverse effects, baseding on Organic Facts.


  • Weight gain as well as weight problems is linked to many aspects, consisting of a hectic way of living. Healthier way of livings, that includes well balanced meals and also regular workout, is the very best means of staying clear of weight gain, according to Indigenous Remedies.


  • According to Organic Information, the seeds of lime and various other citrus fruits are dangerous when ingested in big amount. Stay clear of swallowing the seeds when you make use of limes.

    Lime juice as well as water should not be made use of as an alternative to a sound diet for weight loss. It is advisable to talk to a doctor before beginning any type of alternative diet plan or treatment.