The Cobras Pose Breathing Method:

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Also known as the bhujangasana pose where we need to rest on our front and raise the top body and hold it there with the assistance of the hands. The breathing and also exhalation procedure then proceeds. This is one of the most fundamental yoga exercise posture for dealing with and toning the stomach muscles. It must be carried out in sets of 15 secs each with a ten second break in between.

The Sarvangasana Yoga:

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Sarvangasana additionally referred to as the shoulder standing position is a shortcut key to advantages such as maximizing the function of thyroid glands, purifying the blood. Lying down on the back the lower part is forced upwards and also held in that placement with the assistance of shoulder blades. The shoulder carries the entire problem of the remainder of the body. The hands are used to sustain the waistline. This helps with weight gain successfully if a correct diet regimen is followed along with the yoga asana.

The Vajrasana Yoga:

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Also known as the diamond pose or the thunderbolt present is one more of the yoga techniques for weight gain. Stooped on the floor remaining on the heels, spine erect as well as the hands hing on the knees inhale and also breathe out of air is done slowly.


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The wind easing present is extremely aiding when it involves the toning of the body as well as assistance of weight gain. A healthy and balanced diet along with this asana will surely give you the results that you require desperately.

The Matsyasana Yoga:

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The matsyasana or fish pose is an additional terrific yoga where the person rests with her legs with each other and afterwards bends in reverse in an arch supported by the elbows while the hand is tucked right into the hips. The head goes a lot more in reverse until it touches the ground. By doing this blood flow in the head opens and aids in far better hair conditions.


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Savasana is another fantastic means for weight gain as it provides you the rest you call for. It is a very easy position and usually called the corpse present where an excellent has to hinge on one setting with their eyes shut. It is a wonderful anxiety buster permitting you to acquire weight over time.

The Uttasana Yoga:

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The person while standing upright on her feet flexes down the complete size and also catches hold of the ankle joints with her arms. As normal the inhalation exhalation complies with. This is an additional fantastic way to obtain weight.

The Kapalbhati Yoga:

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This kind is referred to as kapalbhati or the front wattle cleansing method where the breathing movements are affirmed with the abdominal muscle to work out the breathing. When the air is breathed in the abdominal muscle inflate while the exhalation causes deflating belly muscular tissues. This present among other benefits assists to ease metabolism enabling us to acquire weight easily.

While yoga exercise is generally related to weight loss, it is also similarly helpful for weight gain. Yoga exercise assists in weight gain by boosting hunger and also body metabolic rate. It also enhances the muscles and brings flexibility in the body.