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The advantages of strawberries for problem skin have actually been talked about several times as well as study has actually shown that strawberries are wonderful for maintaining your skin healthy and balanced. They are thought about super skin food that could assist restore new skin cells a whole lot faster to maintain your issue skin at bay. Healthy and balanced consuming must always be a part of your day-to-day regimen as well as not simply be opted just when the problem occurs. Having a balanced diet is really crucial if you desire to live a healthy as well as active life. Coming back to this great skin food, here are top 5 advantages of strawberries for skin alone.

  1.     Strawberries have anti-aging properties since they include anti-oxidant ellagic acid which is known to avoid collagen devastation which is the major source of formation of creases and great lines.
  2.     Strawberries help you do away with acne. Acne is triggered by excess storage space of sebum which could be removed with the assistance of abundant nutrients that are loaded in this super fruit. As strawberries are acidic n nature they aid in removing excess oil in the skin.
  3.     Strawberries offer UV skin protection. The effective anti-oxidant, ellagic acid found in strawberries is really helpful as it safeguards the skin from unsafe UV rays.
    ” A study conducted by researchers at a college in Korea uncovered that mice that were subjected to UV rays after being given ellagic acid therapy showed decreased wrinkle formation as compared to computer mice that weren’t offered the treatment before direct exposure.”
  4.     Strawberries are terrific for oily skin because they are abundant in vitamin C. You could make some impressive face packs with strawberries to get rid of excess oil on your skin.
  5.     Strawberries promote skin whitening and also brightening. Strawberry juice is fantastic for skin lightening as well as brightening. The juice treats dark places as well as pigmentation on the skin. All you have to do is apply the strawberry juice around your skin or on dark areas for spot treatment and rinse after 15 to 20 mins. You will begin seeing outcomes within 10 days.

That’s concerning it for the benefits of strawberries for skin so, enjoy biting on these conical marvels while enjoying some incredible health benefits out of this incredibly skin food.