The famous hairdresser is facing a lawsuit after numerous disappointed women experienced very difficult times using his hair products. Some claim that ‘his line of high-end hair treatment items’ has actually damaged their lives for good.

” This shampoo has ruined my life. I wish there was a method making them spend for what they did. If any individual knows concerning team claims, please let me know.’’

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This is among the comments of frustrated consumers that had made use of Wen shampoo line, made by Chaz Dean.

The hairstylist made a respectable reputation after he dealt with numerous celebrities.

But today, over 200 individuals from 40 states filled up a claim versus the Wen group. The cleaning shampoo and also conditioner are top targeted products. These are held as accountable for causing baldness, inflammation, aggravated scalp, and discoloration.

Representatives from the prominent brand name specified that their hair care items are different than various other items on the market, due to their power to nourish as well as cleanse the hair at the same time.

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Internet online forums are filled up with suffers unsatisfied clients, and also this result in a spontaneous event, as well as a team complaint that was issued this December.

Women started losing thick clumps of hair in merely 2 weeks of using Wen hair treatment items. The legal team states that this is not the precise number of harmed customers, which the real phone numbers increases to a number of 10s of thousands. Sadly, not every person could possibly take part in the team complaint versus the brand.