1. Apanasana:


To do this, lie on your back and also bring your knees towards your breast. Place your hands on your knees and while you breathe in, press your knees away. While exhaling, bring your knees back to your upper body. Do this regarding six times to get the best result. It will certainly heat up your back and also make you feel relaxed.

2. Hip Circles:

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To do the hip circles, you have to rest on your back once more. As you breathe in, allow your knees appear vast and after that relocate your legs in a circular movement. Attract your knees near to your chest as you exhale. Keep doing this regarding 4 to six times in both right as well as left instructions. It will aid in heating up your hips and your upper body.

3. Supta Eka Padangustasana:

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For this pose, you should take your left knee and also allow your foot to touch the flooring. Maintain your knee bent as well as order your hand behind your right knee. Currently breathe in as well as stretch your right legs up. As you exhale, bend your knees and bring them down. You need to duplicate this action for regarding 6 to ten times as well as the button sides. This position will certainly heat up your hamstrings.

4. Upside Down Pigeon:

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For the upside down pigeon posture, take your left foot on the flooring and also keep it a foot away from your body. Take your ideal leg towards the upper body as well as go across the ideal knee over your left knee. Maintain both your feet flexed currently. Now take your left foot better to your body till you can reach the rear of your left thigh. Currently take your hands to draw yourself deeper. This will certainly aid you feel the stretch.

5. Supine Crescent Pose:

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For this, you must lie flat on the flooring and bring your feet together. Stretch your arms behind you and also bring your left foot to fulfill the ideal foot. Now take your right arm sideways and bring your left arm to the right. Take a breath for thirty seconds to one min and afterwards repeat to the other side.

6. Jathara Parvitti Pose:

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For this position, removal your hips to the appropriate side of your floor covering while relaxing. Extend your left leg and area the best foot on the flooring and also extend your arms in the direction of the opposite. When you breathe out, permit your right knee to drop in the direction of the left side. When you inhale, raise your right knee for concerning 2 inches. When you exhale, release it down.

7. Bridge Pose:

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Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. Stabilize your weight on your feet as well as raise your body off the flooring. Inhale as well as exhale as you do this.

8. Cobra Pose:

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For the cobra pose, you need to exist flat on your back and also press your hands on the flooring. Now press the top part of your body off the floor while maintaining the remainder of your body on the mat. Hold for five breaths and afterwards release.

9. Locust Pose:

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For this pose, you must initially lie level on the mat and raise your visit look ahead as you breathe in. Lift your upper spinal column and at the same time raise your legs with the help of your internal thighs. Hold for one min and also release.