Today, the extreme fat in the blood appears very often as a result of the quick and also harmful lifestyle, junk food and also lack of bodily activity.

The tissue at people that have actually a boosted quantity of fat is with yellowish shade in kind of a square or knot on the top eyelids or some other body parts.

cabbage diet

There is thickening of the arterial wall surfaces, as the condition progresses, to which some others elements contribute such as smoking cigarettes or alcohol.

The repercussions are usually heart diseases which are the main reason for death in the world.

If you have a trouble with the excessive fat in the blood, we suggest you this remedy which has aided a bunch of people to solve the same problem.

You will need:

  • 2dl apple cider vinegar
  • 3 dry figs

How to prepare it:

Prick the dry figs and placed them in a glass vessel filled up with the apple cider vinegar. Allow it stand overnight. In the morning eat the 3 sour figs.

Keep the remainder of the vinegar, as well as placed the other 3 figs prepared in the exact same way, the complying with night.

That 2dl of vinegar can be used within of 7 days. Figs will soak up the larger component of the vinegar. Prepare the other 2dl of vinegar on the 8th day and repeat the procedure for another week. Repeat this procedure within of 14 days.