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Blueberries are small wonderful dark blue fruits that have actually been all over the news over the last few years due to their high antioxidant material. Anti-oxidants are compounds that aid the body system to fight off cell damages as well as aging and may assist stop a vast selection of conditions consisting of cancer and heart illness. What many individuals have no idea is that there are a number of other dark blue berries that have the same, otherwise stronger, antioxidant properties as blueberries, as well as are simple to alternative to them. Some of these berries may even expand wild in your area.


  • Smaller yet more delicious compared to their close relative the blueberry, bilberries are indigenous to northern Europe, where they have a strong credibility as an organic food. Bilberries and bilberry items like jams, pies and also spreads are made use of to treat bad vision, blood circulation issues and diabetes. The effective qualities of bilberry are associateded with the potent antioxidant substances called anthocyanosides, which are also discovered in blueberries. Extra pound for excess weight, nonetheless, the bilberry is more powerful compared to the blueberry in regards to antioxidant content.

Black Huckleberries

  • Another close relative of the blueberry, black huckleberries grow on upright bushes in the wild throughout western The United States and Canada. Once a staple of the diet regimen for numerous Indigenous American societies, black huckleberries taste similar to blueberries however are a lot more full bodied and also jammy, with a slightly acidic aftertaste. They additionally are an incredibly source of powerful antioxidants including anthocyanosides and also have high amounts of nutrients like iron, potassium and also vitamin C. Wild huckleberries, much like their European counterparts bilberries, were held in high esteem by Indigenous Americans as a medical food.

Black Currants

  • Popular in the British Isles where they have been used generally for hundreds of years, black currants were when grown in the United States as well till they were prohibited from ranches due to the fact that they were thought to lug white ache illness, which endangered the timber market. Black currants are loaded with antioxidants (nearly twice as long as blueberries) as well as vitamins and also are used in England to treat a variety of health conditions including Alzheimer’s illness, bronchial asthma and also vision issues. When once more, it is these anthocyanosides, which offers berries their deep purple-blue different colors, that are responsible for numerous of these health benefits.

Salal Berry

  • Native to the temperate rain-forests of the Pacific Northwest, the salal berry looks as well as tastes extremely much like a blueberry with an almond. This berry was an important food resource for coastal Indigenous Americans although there are no scientific researches done on their dietary components or health benefits. The salal berry expands in abundance along trails in seaside woodlands as well as is simple to collect as well as appreciate by hikers of all ages.