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Korean researchers made a decision to utilize magnets in order to promote cancer cells to self-destruct. Particularly, the body does away with old, malfunctioning, and contaminated cells via programmed cell death (PCD), or apoptosis.

In this process, the body sends out signals by fragmentizing and the denied cell reacts to them while fragments are consumed by immune cells. Thus, magnets promote apoptosis. On the other hand, when this procedure falls short, there is an unrestrained division of turned down cells which leads to lump development.

At the Yonsei University in Seoul, the teacher Jinwoo Cheon and also a group of researchers made an experiment by utilizing magnetic fields on digestive tract cancer cells in order to induce apoptosis.

The researchers affixed iron nanoparticles to antibodies, which bind to “receptor” molecules on growth cells. A quickly s the magnetic field is used, those molecules cluster as well as create apoptosis, by boosting the signal of “self-destruction”.

In the end of the research study, over half of the digestive tract cancer cells were killed as quickly as the apoptotic clustering began, and at the exact same time, healthy and balanced cells remained unharmed.

However, a clinical team conducted an associated experiment on zebrafish, as well as it causes the growth of unusual tails. Consequently, more research study is needed in order to validate the result of this procedure.

The scientists said: ” We have actually demonstrated that apoptosis signaling can be activated in-vitro (busy) and in a zebrafish in-vivo (living) model by using a magnetic button. Our magnetic button may be generally relevant to any sort of surface area membrane receptors that show cellular functions on clustering.”

The journal Nature Materials is going to release this research. The findings of studies of this kind are frequently concealed from the public due to the reality that they are not lucrative for big pharmaceutical companies.

Namely, medication producers revenue on conditions and cancer cells drugs, also though they have been revealed to aggravate the situation of patients.

Similarly, even though many research studies have shown the helpful results of natural cancer-fighting foods such as ginger, berries, turmeric, garlic, papaya leaf essence, and also lots of others, the pharmaceutical market and traditional medicine will not identify or validate their helpful effects in the therapy of this harmful disease.