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Citrimax is a plant essence that stems from the Garcina cambogia fruit in South Africa. Citrimax contains hydroxycitric acid, which promotes metabolic process. Citrimax is made use of as an effective weight loss supplement, and while it is obtained from natural resources, it is not without possible side effects.

Increase of Serum Serotonin

  • According to a research that InterHealth UNITED STATE, the supplier of Citrimax and Super Citrimax, carried out and also released on the firm’s web site, Super Citrimax, a much more powerful form of the initial Citrimax, can possibly raise product serotonin. Serum serotonin is a neuro-transmitter that influences appetite control, mood and also rest. An increase in serum serotonin could improve mood, increase pain tolerance, lower carbohydrate cravings and also boost the top quality of sleep.

General Side Effects

  • Some customers have actually reported experiencing queasiness, belly pain or discomfort, digestive tract pain or pain, or frustrations after taking products including hydroxycitric acid. Additionally, the Food as well as Medicine Administration has actually cautioned consumers to quit making use of Hydroxycut, another fat burning supplement, as a result of the too much amount of hydroxycitric acid found in the item. The caution and also item recall followed the FDA received nearly two loads records of jaundice, elevated liver enzymes, the need for a liver transplant and various other severe health and wellness problems.

Allergic Reactions

  • As with any medication, Citrimax has the probability of setting off an allergy. Its prime part, hydroxycitric acid, could create responses such as irritation, hives, breakouts, swelling of the mouth or throat, hissing and problem breathing.


  • As of December 2009, there are no well-known significant adverse effects or risks connected with taking Citrimax. Research studies performed on rats have revealed that high doses of hydroxycitric acid created damages and also contraction of the testicles. It is not recognized if the exact same holds real for humans.


  • Citrimax has not been assessed or authorized by the U.S. Food as well as Medicine Administration. All medications have the prospective to trigger adverse effects or serious interactions, so you need to always talk to your physician before taking Citrimax. Moreover, you should speak with your medical professional before starting any kind of sort of diet.