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Guru Muktananda:

Siddha Yoga is the name offered to a spiritual improvement of your spirit. It is a path of internal transformation and technique. Practice of Siddha yoga exercise raises your spirit to a higher degree of resonance. The very first step of grasping this art is shaktipat-diksha, literally equated as “initiation by descent of magnificent power”. This initiation is done by the master that guides its students through the different trainings and scriptures of Siddha yoga.

To master Siddha yoga exercise, you need to have a terrific sense of discipline and also be incredibly serious concerning this effort, for the pupils of Siddha yoga are made to spend a whole lot of time studying the mentors and also techniques of this yoga exercise for a very long time in order to help them drink its concepts. As soon as you’ve been launched you will become much more knowledgeable about the self.

The mission statement of the Siddha yogis is: “To regularly give the understanding of the Self”. While the Siddha yoga exercise vision declaration is: “For everyone, everywhere, to understand the visibility of divinity in themselves and creation, the cessation of all sufferings and also suffering, and the attainment of supreme happiness”.

Muktananda, the creator of Siddha Yoga was started by his expert Nityananda. Nityananada was born in Mahrastra as well as came to Ganeshpuri, a small town in 1936. There he established a tiny holy place committed to Shiva. His devotion as well as extremely principled character permitted his appeal to rise to such an elevation that his holy place soon became an ashram.

It was below that Muktananda received his initiation and attained moksha after nine even more years of sadhana or reflection as well as discipleship.

The scriptures followed by Siddha yogis include the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Viveka Chudamani of Shankaracharya, and also the Yoga Vasistha. They draw motivation from the trainings of the viewpoint of the Maharashtran poet-saints as well as Kashmir Shaivism.

Siddha Yoga aims making one far better accustomed with the enormity of one’s very own spirit. It’s practices are therefore aimed to assist you open your inner eye. It includes reflection and chanting of rules like that of the ever renowned – ‘Om namah Shivaya’. On the whole there are 2 primary kinds of chanting made use of by Siddha Yogis. These are ‘Nama Sankirtana’ and also ‘Swadhyaya’. Nama Sankirtana chantings are lyrical trainings from the Vedas and other texts. Swadhyaya on the various other hand are reading of more challenging Sanskrit texts.

Muktananda estabilished the SYDA structure in 1974 to secure, preserve, and also facilitate the dissemination of the Siddha Yoga trainings. Today it provides a range naturally throughout the year that attract numerous passionate meditators.

Gurumayi Chidvilasananda was one of Muktananda’s earliest disciples. Her original name was Malti Shetty. Prior to his death Muktananda called her as well as her brother the co-Gurus as well as spiritual leaders of the Siddha Yoga exercise path.


The followers of the Siddha Yoga exercise path satisfy and also practice meditation in satsangs, team meetings. Their practices consist of shouting rules better called japa, deep reflection and also dakshina or giving of gifts and food to sadhus and other individuals in need of such items.

Gurumayi has started numerous Siddha yoga humanitarian motions. These consist of The PRASAD Project which is developed to supply the fundamental services of life like food, education, wellness solutions etc to the clingy and the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute which maintains the Indian scriptures and also old Vedic traditions.