Dr. Hardin B. Jones concentrated his research studies on the issues connected to cancer cells for more compared to twenty years. His findings, eventually, brought some stunning final thought. He once functioned as a professor of medical physics as well as physiology at the renowned Berkeley University, and also invested more compared to Two Decade of his life examining the results of radiation treatment in cancer patients as well as assessing their life expectancy.

He recommends that the only objective of the cancer industry is profit, which is shared amongst Large Pharma, physicians, healthcare facilities and also other individuals in this industry. Whenever some individual approves to practice normal cancer treatment, this whole market profits.

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The conventional cancer therapies are composed of taking radiation treatment contaminants in the system, emitting the body with ions or removal of certain body parts, or a combination of all techniques, in a fantastic number of instances. Inning accordance with stats, also those that researchers are disregarding or hiding it somehow, radiation treatment is an ineffective approach when it involves treating cancer.

Dr. Jones mentions that many people experiencing from cancer cells subjected to radiation treatment finish their lives in wonderful discomfort. In addition, he believes that cancer patients that exercise chemotherapy will more than likely die faster as well as in greater pain compared to individuals that have chosen any kind of other treatment or have actually declined to undergo a treatment.

In truth, Dr. Jones states that individuals who do not exercise chemotherapy live about 12 years much longer (on average) compared with those that follow this therapy.

As an outcome of his long research, he wrapped up that conventional cancer treatment reduces life expectancy and speeds up the deterioration of the system. Although it is conscious of this fact, the cancer cells sector ignores is as it is a billion-dollar market. Electronics media are covering up this as a result of their links with the cancer cells industry.

This research was published in the credible New york city Academy of Sciences journal. Its findings specify that bust cancer cells people that don’t get radiation treatment handle to live 4 times much longer compared with those who get it, and also clients who believed that chemotherapy is the very best selection normally die 3 years after they were diagnosed with cancer cells, and also in many cases, after a month or two.

The American Medical Organization Journal launched one more study in 1979 which showed that the majority of the preferred techniques for dealing with as well as diagnosing bust cancer ( and also a lot of them are used nowadays as well), didn’t have favorable impacts in many patients.

Furthermore, the exact same verdict was explained by 2 other research studies from the period when the impact of Big Pharma was not that excellent. Among these was British as well as was released in the Lancet 35 years ago.

It has actually likewise shown that despite the reality that a growing number of patients have received chemotherapy, the survival rate of clients with breast cancer had actually not raised in the previous 10 years.

The other study which was carried out in Israel (1978), likewise mentioned the very same thing.

Moreover, a well-known German epidemiologist, Dr. Ulrich Abel, has likewise carried out an extensive research study and also evaluation of all the prominent researches connected to chemotherapy from all over the world. His findings are devastating as well as need to read by individuals that are intending to get radiation treatment. He has published a book called The Medical professional In The House.

Chemotherapy is a details therapy that is concentrated on the removal of healthy cells in order to prevent the dispersing of cancer. Huge Pharma conceals that cancer cells patients pass away from the treatment, mainly from chemotherapy, and also not from the effects of cancer.

Most clients that have died of cancer were people who died of lack of nutrition, as cancer-affected cells absorb all the nutrients from our body and also obstruct the job of the body immune system. After some time, the system is so weak that it could not protect itself from any type of threat.

MD UCSF Allen Levin states that contemporary medication currently has the universal treatment and also all the needed truths related to cancer cells, however they are concealed from the general public. The reason for that is really basic, because one cancer therapy costs up to one million dollars.

Healthcare experts are still practicing radiation treatment, although it could not eliminate colon cancer, bust cancer cells or lung cancer cells as well as we have proof for it.