This is a 7 – day healthier meal plan where each day you need to strike the target goal of taking in just 1500 Calorie Meal Plan/day. Absolutely nothing a lot more, absolutely nothing less!
Here goes the dish prepare for SATURDAY …


  •     Green detox smoothie
  •     2 pieces turkey bacon

pregnancy diet

Total calories consumed: 240Calories

Snack 1

  •     1 small banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  •     8 wheat thins

7 day diet

Total calories eaten: 254 Calories


  • Spinach salad with avocado cattle ranch dressing

three day diet

Total calories eaten: 207 Calories

Snack 2

  •     1 Luna bar

fruit diet

Total calories consumed: 180 Calories


  • You could have anything you want for supper. It’s time for CHEAT MEAL!
    * Do not confuse rip off meal with cheat day. It is suggested to consume in moderation remembering the calorie balance for the day *

cholesterol diet

Total calories taken in: Ought to be not even more than 500 to 600


  •     2 mini cheesecake cups

vinegar diet

Total calories consumed: 180 Calories

Grand Complete: Should not exceed 2000 calories. Recommended calorie intake is not even more compared to 1800.

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