Q: Every single time I sneeze or laugh I damp myself somewhat. I am embarrassed to state that it has actually been going on for years having begun after the birth of my last youngster (I am now 58). Have I left it also late?

A: It is never too late to look for assistance, yet very early intervention is best. A minimum of 3 million females in the UK have some type of continence issue and also anxiety incontinence – leak of pee on physical effort or when coughing, sneezing and also laughing – is by far the most typical grievance. Most of those I see with stress incontinence are in their thirties as well as forties and also not, as is extensively believed, collecting their pensions.

Having youngsters is the biggest reason for stress urinary incontinence and as numerous as 1 in 3 females will certainly endure to some extent – albeit briefly most of the times – as the cells as well as muscles in their pelvis take some time to recover during the very first few months after birth. Yet it’s not just the passage of the child that deteriorates cells in the pelvis – tension incontinence is also much more typical in ladies who have had caesareans, suggesting it is as much pertaining to maternity as it is to giving birth.

Fortunately, there has never been a much better time to look for assistance many thanks to a national network of continence services, often run in the community by committed nurse specialists.

Your General Practitioner must be your initial port of telephone call – she or he will certainly know just what solutions are available locally and also refer appropriately. Step 2 typically entails an evaluation or your trouble based upon your signs, a physical exam and unique tests (urodynamics) if required – there are other kinds of incontinence that require various strategies and also differentiation is necessary if treatment is to be successful.