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Vitamin K thinks a key component in aiding the blood coagulation and preparing for unneeded blood loss. Dissimilar to numerous different vitamins, vitamin K is not normally used as a dietary supplement. Vitamin K is in fact a team of compounds. One of the most essential of these compounds has all the earmarks of being vitamin K1 and also vitamin K2. Vitamin K1 is obtained from green environment-friendlies as well as some different vegetables. Vitamin K2 is a combination of compounds to a great degree obtained from meats, cheeses, and eggs, as well as synthesized by bacteria.

 Find right here a list of resources of Vitamin K:

  •     Kale

o 1 cup includes:1062.10 mcg
o    Calories: 36.4

  •     Spinach

o    1 cup contains:888 mcg
o    Calories:41

  •     Mustard Greens

o    1 cup contains:829 mcg
o    Calories:36

  •     Collard Greens

o    1 cup contains:772 mcg
o    Calories:62

  •     Beet Greens

o    1 cup contains:696 mcg
o    Calories:39

  •     Swiss Chard

o    1 cup contains:572 mcg
o    Calories:35

  •     Turnip Greens

o    1 cup contains:529 mcg
o    Calories:29

  •     Parsley

o    1 cup contains:498 mcg
o    Calories:11

  •     Broccoli

o    1 cup contains:220 mcg
o    Calories:54.6

  •     Brussels Sprouts

o 1 mug includes:2187 mcg
o    Calories:56.2