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Vodka has no carbs, however vodka alcoholic drinks could frequently be loaded with sugar and carbohydrates from components like easy sugar, fruit juice and regular soft drink. The lowest-carb vodka drinks are made with calorie-free mixers such as soda water, diet plan soft drink, diet plan tonic water and also calorie-free sugars. Missing the sugary additions will certainly assist you adhere to your low-carb diet regimen and also still delight in a beverage with buddies. Speak to your physician concerning just what sort of and just how much liquor you can securely consume.

Keeping Vodka Low Carb

  • A basic vodka and also soda is entirely carb cost-free as well as a go-to mixed drink for carb spectators. However it can obtain uninteresting. Outfit it up by including fresh fruit and vegetables, such as a lime wedge, a piece of cucumber and a chunk of fresh watermelon. Not just will you be imbibing much less than 100 calories, you’ll be obtaining some fiber and also essential minerals and vitamins, too.

    Cosmopolitans are wonderful, fruity as well as packed with carbs, but they don’t need to be. Get some lemon-flavored vodka and also diet cranberry juice and also include a little fresh-squeezed lime juice for a beverage with less than 100 calories and much less compared to 1 gram of carbs.

    For a mixed drink that tastes like consuming an item of pie, mix vanilla vodka with diet regimen ginger ale, a pleasant combo with under 100 calories as well as no carbs.