Coconut oil is the best beauty broker as well as the very best house treatment you can get. Obviously, just if you are utilizing organic, cold-pressed product.

In this book we offer you 5 terrific ways to make use of the finest of the product.

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1. 2 Ingredient Eye Cream

Coconut oil has all-natural anti-oxidant, regrowing and also healing commercial properties which can do marvels for the skin under your eyes.

This is the less expensive as well as much healthier alternative, instead of getting industrial anti-wrinkle creams.

2. Chemical-free shaving cream

You recognize that your favorite shaving lotion is loaded with harsh chemicals, plus it is a bit expensive, ideal? There is no factor for you not to replace it with coconut oil. Utilize the oil to shave your legs as well as underarms.

It is the very best shaving lotion you could get– it is inexpensive, organic, well-scented as well as it provides strong antimicrobial possibility. Coconut oil will certainly aid you shave and also soothe your skin at the very same time. Enjoy your smooth and moisturized skin.

3. Overnight skin care

Use coconut oil instead of your evening cream. Use a small bit of the oil on your skin before bedtime. It will nourish your skin, as well as make it softer as well as even more flexible.

4. Coconut oil hand cream

Have you discovered just how your hands are rough and dry in winter? Provide them the care they require, as well as repair your hands easily. Apply coconut oil on your hands to nourish the skin, as well as make them smooth.

5. Whipped coconut oil cellulite cream

Cellulite is the most awful nightmare of every female. It is unattractive and also gross. Add coconut oil to your homemade anti-cellulite lotion, as well as remove your ‘orange peel’ skin.

6. Homemade liquid hand soap

Make your very own coconut oil liquid soap to save some money, and enhance your skin. Your family members will say thanks to you.

Natural items always function better compared to chemical-laden soaps. Our coconut oil hand soap will hydrate your skin, and leave it vacuum and soft.