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The lemon as well as cayenne diet is also called the lemon pepper diet plan, lemonade diet plan, lemon and syrup diet regimen, and also the Master Cleanse diet regimen. The Master Cleanse was created in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs. Lemon and also cayenne are essential ingredients in the lemon beverage, which is all you consume for a minimum of 10 days. The toxins are mixed up and loosened up with the lemonade drink, and then they are rinsed from the body.

How It Works

  • The objective of the lemon beverage is to assist detox the body. It loosens up toxic substances that might have collected within the system. The drink’s components are composed of 1 cup of pure water, 2 tbsp. of juice from a fresh lemon, 2 tablespoon. of pure, organic, quality B syrup, and 1/10 tsp. of chili pepper. While that could not feel like a great deal of chili pepper, it has an effective influence on the body. You could consume it cooled or at space temperature level.

    The diet regimen calls for that you drink a minimum of six and also approximately eight glasses daily of the lemon beverage. The chili pepper assists loosen up the mucous from the walls of the intestinal system, the lemon juice cleanses the loosened particles from the body, and also the syrup contains the nutrients that the body requires while it is detoxing. Baseding on Stanley Burroughs, the factor grade B maple syrup is utilized is since it contains much more minerals needed by the body and tastes much better. It needs to also be organic, as maple syrup that is not organic can usually have traces of pesticides. Most supermarkets carry quality A maple syrup, so when you are looking for organic quality B syrup you could wish to try your neighborhood organic food shop. Organic quality C syrup serves in the diet regimen, yet the solid maple taste is a turn-off for many.

A Day on the Cleanse

  • If you desire to do the Master Cleanse, you’ll need a few more points together with the ingredients in the drink: sea salt as well as a laxative tea. Include 2 tablespoon of sea salt to 1 qt of warm, distilled water, and also consume it every early morning. The laxative tea is made use of in the evening to promote the colon and also free the body of waste. A day on the Master Cleanse includes the salt water rinse upon occurring, 6 to 8 glasses of the lemon beverage throughout the day, and the laxative tea at night before bed. If you, by chance, could not drink the salt water in the early mornings, have the laxative tea in the early morning as well as the evening.


  • Never effort the Master Cleanse without consulting your medical professional, especially if you are under treatment or drug for any sort of reason. No food or beverage, apart from just what is stated above, can be consumed for the whole clean. In the initial couple of days you could really feel upset and also light-headed, yet that is component of the detoxification process.