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Korean males and females are visibly slim as well as trim. According to, Harley Pasternak’s book called ‘The 5 Element World Diet regimen’ offers South Korean society a good deal of credit score for having a healthy diet plan, low weight problems rates and a high life span. When it involves dieting, borrowing suggestions from Korean cuisine and also society could be a healthy choice.



  • Kimchi is an important part of the Korean diet plan and also a staple at every meal. Kimchi is marinaded cabbage that is a little spicy. Various regions of Korea prepare Kimchi in different ways, some sweeter as well as others spicier. Apart form having vitamins An and C and containing lactic acid, kimchi is also reduced in fat. Kimchi additionally includes lots of fiber, which keeps you feeling full as well as helps produce balanced digestion.



  • Koreans eat veggies at every dish, which is a noticeable wellness and diet regimen advantage. Vegetables give your body a wide range of vitamins and nutrients and also the normally high fiber as well as water web content of vegetables keep you feeling fuller much longer. Korean vegetable recipes been available in straightforward steamed ranges so that you can enjoy the all-natural flavor of the veggies or prepared with different sauces, flavors as well as oils.


Less Meat

  • While some Americans are acquainted with Korean barbecue restaurants, these restaurants provide a misleading impression of Oriental cuisines. Koreans generally consume meat sparingly. They do consume red meat however not in big quantities as it has a high amount of saturated fat. Leaner meats like poultry as well as fish are prominent, especially fish that consist of essential omega-3 fatty acids.


No Added Sugar

  • Korean foods normally do not consist of added sugar, unlike lots of foods in the United States. In addition to veggies, Koreans most prominent kind of carbohydrate is rice, which has no gluten or included sugar. Preventing items with included sugar would be one method to make an Oriental eating routine benefit you.