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Dextrose and also glucose are both straightforward sugars, however are they the same? Product labeling can make it very difficult to establish whether dextrose is the exact same as glucose. Understanding the chemical formulas for every, as well as putting on insight into the reasoning behind book labeling will certainly help answer this question.


  • Glucose as well as dextrose both discuss the same chemical formula, C6H12O6.


  • Glucose is the simplest type of sugar, whereas carbohydrates (carbohydrates) are complex sugars in regards to physiological framework. The body utilizes sugar for its power needs by transforming carbs right into glucose.

Are they identical?

  • Yes. As a matter of fact, sugar is frequently identified as ‘dextrose.’ One reason is due to the fact that numerous nationwide pharmacopeias make use of ‘dextrose’ as the identifier for the substance glucose. This is why intravenous glucose provided in a hospital is classified as dextrose. Another factor for the various terms is regarded advertising and marketing advantages.

Product labeling

  • Product marketing professionals typically hold the idea that customers view the term ‘sugar’ on product labeling in a negative light. Therefore, some companies use the term ‘dextrose’ in place of glucose in their nutritional facts.


  • Due to the complication over glucose vs. dextrose, some pharmaceutical and also medical organizations are lobbying to eliminate the term ‘dextrose,’ and utilize ‘glucose’ consistently across the board.