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Adipex is a prescription-based weight management medication that works by suppressing the hunger as well as enhancing the metabolic rate of overweight individuals. Adipex’s major energetic component is phenteramine, one element of the prohibited drug phen-fen.


  • Adipex is taken by mouth and is integrated with a lowered calorie, boosted workout weight reduction strategy. It is recommended to obese as well as obese clients after even more conventional weight-loss efforts have failed.

Class of Drug

  • While Adipex comes from the very same household as amphetamines and affects the main nerve system in similar method, it is not currently categorized as an amphetamine.

Major Side Effects

  • Side impacts from utilizing Adipex are boosted high blood pressure and heart rate, dependence, shadowed reasoning and also judgment, chest discomfort, dizziness, and insomnia. Drawback signs and symptoms from the medication are possible.

Length of Treatment

  • The ordinary length of time for treatment usig the medicine is 3 to six weeks.

Other Side Effects

  • Other adverse effects consist of completely dry mouth, unpleasant taste, looseness of the bowels and/or vomiting.