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People with the blood condition hemochromatosis take in excessive iron in their intestines. This iron passes into the bloodstream, leaving hemochomatosis individuals with joint as well as stomach pain, weight management and also darkening skin. One preventative therapy for this problem is a low-iron diet. An iron-free diet regimen is difficult, as iron exists in trace quantities in all foods, yet low iron is feasible.

Meats and Animal Fats

  • The body could absorb animal-based iron much faster compared to plant-based iron. For most individuals that consume suitable quantities of meat, the quicker absorption is helpful, yet an individual who requires a low-iron diet needs to remove all meat. Pet fats function as binding representatives in foods such as cheese, mass-produced delicious chocolate, as well as candy. Limiting these foods aids minimize iron absorption.

High-fiber Foods

  • Fiber-rich foods slow-moving digestion. This slowing down of food moving with the digestion tract increases the moment it takes the body system to soak up the iron. Entire grains consist of large quantities of fiber, and also on a low-iron diet regimen, replacing entire grains, such as entire wheat as well as rye, for processed grains aids in slowing iron absorption. Nuts and also beans are superb high-fiber foods. They likewise provide protein, which is useful because animal-based proteins must be limited.

Leafy Green Vegetables

  • Spinach, kale, romaine lettuce and various other leafy eco-friendly vegetables ought to comprise a significant part of a low-iron diet plan. A lot of these vegetables include chemicals that prevent the absorption of iron. Due to the fact that these foods also are stocked with other vitamins as well as minerals, they function well in a low-iron diet.


  • People on low-iron diets need to consume liquor in moderation. The liver can break down iron, which aids free the blood of the mineral. Alcohol consumption meddles with this iron malfunction, which leads to faster iron absorption. Coffee and also tea, which usually are omitted from special diet plans, help people that have low iron needs. These beverages include a chemical called tannin, which slows iron absorption, however to obtain the full advantage, consuming coffee as well as tea with meals is necessary.