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Although peanut butter is a staple in cabinets across America, the spreadable fave is just one of numerous kinds of tasty nut butters. Almond butter has found its means into the culinary lexicon, together with cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, walnut and also even macadamia nut butters. Although the tastes, structures and also prices differ, all contain healthy protein, vitamins as well as healthy and balanced oils. Nut butters do not should be refrigerated and will not spoil, making them especially simple to store.

Things You’ll Need

  • Indelible marker

  • Store opened nut butter in your kitchen area cabinet. Use the nut butter within nine to YEAR for the very best taste and quality.

  • Write the date of purchase on the nut butter container with an enduring pen, or search for a ‘use by’ date on the container. If the nut butter is homemade, make a label and affix it firmly to the container.

  • Store the nut butter in an awesome, dry spot. Place newer containers at the back of the shelf as well as use the earliest nut butter first.

  • Discard any type of nut butter that creates a rancid taste or odor.