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A diet that is high in processed foods and sugar results in an uneven pH degree. This can maintain the body from removing contaminants, leaving it venerable to viruses and also reducing the metabolic rate. Lemon water can support your pH level and blood sugar level, aiding your body naturally purify. Though lemons are commonly believed to be acidic, they actually have a pH degree higher then seven, which implies they have an alkalizing result on the body. This will terminate out a few of the excess acid stored in the body.

Things You’ll Need

PH test strips

  • Clean a lemon as well as reduce it into slices.

  • Add a slice of lemon right into a glass of water. Juice one directly right into the water. You could also include all the slices into a bottle of water and also consume it throughout the day.

  • Drink the six to eight glasses of water with lemon per day.

  • Test your spit or pee with a pH test strip. You can expectorate onto a strip or pee onto one to figure out where your pH degree is. Preferably, you want a pH of seven. It’s far better to have a slightly higher number as opposed to a slightly reduced one. This is since infections, bacteria, mold and mildew, as well as fungis all grow in an acidic atmosphere. Bear in mind that difficult events in your life could impact your results as high as an inadequate diet.