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The Lemonade Cleanse is additionally understood as the Master Cleanse, Lemon Detox Diet regimen or Maple Syrup Diet regimen. It was developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1941 as well as promoted again in the ’90s by Peter Glickman. It is ensured as a means to detoxify the body and also lower food cravings for food, pure nicotine, alcohol and medicines. People have utilized the clean to reduce weight, yet the weight lost on the purify is mainly water weight and some area cells, baseding on doctors.

Things You’ll Need

60 oz. pure filtered water
  • 12 tbsp. organic quality B maple syrup
  • 12 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
    • 32 oz. spring water (advised)
    • 2 tsp. sea salt (recommended)
    • Laxative tea (optional)

      Lemonade Cleanse Recipes

      • Combine 60 oz. filtered water, 12 tbsp. syrup, 12 tablespoon. lemon juice and also 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper in a huge container. This will certainly make one day’s worth of lemonade. Store the lemonade in the refrigerator.

      • Heat 32 oz. sparkling water and also include 2 tsp. sea salt to make a solitary serving of the saline wash.

      • Brew laxative tea baseding on package instructions. Do not add sugar or sugar to the tea.

      The Cleanse Regimen

      • Drink the saline wash or the laxative tea each early morning to stimulate defecation. This clears the body of toxins as well as waste that accumulate gradually. Drink just one cup each early morning of the saline wash or the laxative tea.

      • Drink the lemonade throughout the day as a meal substitute and whenever you feel starving. Consume the full 60 oz. of lemonade each day.

      • Substitute organic tea occasionally, if intended. Avoid food or other drinks, other than the lemonade. Do not sugarcoat or sweetener to the organic tea. Usage decaffeinated tea at night to avoid sleeplessness.

      • Drink the laxative tea each night prior to bed to promote the bowels. Drink only one mug of the laxative tea in the evening, and do not substitute the saline clean at this time.

      • Stick to the lemonade cleanse detox program for four to 14 days. The recommended purify duration is 10 days. The cleanse could be duplicated every couple of months.

      After the Cleanse

      • Begin the first day after the cleanse with only water and natural orange juice. Remain on this liquid diet for a full day. Drink as much as you desire.

      • Add light soup to the water and also orange juice diet plan starting the second day. Veggie soup is simple to absorb at this time. Organic soups are recommended.

      • Add fruits, vegetables and also salads slowly the 3rd day after the cleanse. Raw, organic vegetables and fruits are recommended. Remain to consume lots of water. Prevent meat and milk for two weeks after finishing the cleanse.