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People with fractured, completely dry, heels could be extremely undesirable issue, or even painful. Nonetheless, you can treat your callous heels completely naturally, making use of one ingredient- baking soda.

Namely, it has effective antibacterial residential properties, which deal with the feet infections, and reduced the water firmness, producing an excellent setting for saturating your feet.

Baking soft drink effectively treats various skin concerns, as well as it is cost-effective, so you can use it on a regular basis in order to give gentleness to your feet as well as soften the completely dry, split skin.

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 135 oz / 4 liters water


Add the cooking soda in some warm water to liquify, and soak your feet in the service for 20 minutes.

Afterward, when the feet are softened well, exfoliate them with a pumice stone or a foot scrub. Wash with warm water, and dry them well.

Then, use some beneficial lotion, Vaseline or home made foot lotion and also put on cotton socks. As a result, it is a good idea to do this at bedtime, in order to leave the cream act upon the skin on your feet and also deeply hydrate them.

You will certainly see the very first results after the very first therapy but do it everyday for a week, so as to get optimum results. Make a time out for a day and repeat it again for one more week.

Repeat this treatment 3 times, and also your feet will be smooth and silky.