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The Atkins diet regimen is one that focuses on cutting a considerable amount of carbohydrates from the diet regimen. The Atkins website specifies that extra carbs in foods transform into sugar, which can raise sugar degrees in the body. For that reason, when you ate a marginal amount of carbs, your body makes use of the fat consumed for power instead, which can aid you reduce weight. Not all carbs, nonetheless, are developed equal. The Atkins diets states that when a food contains fiber, you are in fact consuming less carbs general each serving.

Things You’ll Need

  • Pencil
    • Calculator, if necessary

      • Find the dietary information for a food item. You can usually discover the nutrition tag on the back or side of a food product’s product packaging. If the food does not have a tag, such as a piece of fruit, the grocery store you bought it at might have the nutritional info showed in the produce section.

      • Locate where it states ‘overall carbs each offering’ on the nutrition label. Tape-record that number.

      • Search for the amount of fiber the food has in it per serving. Videotape this figure.

      • See how numerous grams of polydextrose, glycerin and/or sugar alcohol the food has per serving and document it.

      • Figure out the quantity of net carbohydrates in a food. Build up the total amount of fiber, polydextrose, glycerin and/or sugar alcohol. Deduct the amount from the overall amount of carbohydrates to find the net quantity of carbs in a food.