• low sodium diet

The Diet Claims To Purify

  • The sea salt flush, usually part of a cleaning diet regimen, claims it ‘eliminates excrement which for one reason or another has actually not yet been removed by the removal procedure,’ and will ‘eliminate your entire system in around one hour,’ baseding on health and wellness and wellness specialists at HealthTalk.com. As part of the Master Cleanse Diet regimen, a sea salt flush is provided for 4 to 14 days.

Benefits Unproven

  • While a sea salt flush will certainly cleanse your system, the flush is mainly unnecessary as the body system is really proficient at cleaning its own systems. In addition, the sea salt flush calls for 1 to 2 tsps of salt, and ‘a solitary tsp of salt gives you 2,400 mg of sodium, sufficient for a day’s intake,’ says Dr. Andrew Weil.

Bottom Line

  • A sea salt flush should only be performed when per year, or once a season at many, as well as might be unnecessary altogether. ‘The tip that we are full of toxins produces fear that drives people to these sort of plans,’ Michelle May, MD, author of Am I Hungry, claims to WebMD. ‘Yet in reality, our body systems naturally free themselves of undesirable drugs with no human treatment whatsoever.’