Onions could help you cleanse your skin, kill of virus as well as purify your blood.

Regular intake of onions increases state of mind, gives a healthy and balanced skin complexion and also stronger hair, and it avoids the growth of numerous cancers.

Regardless of whether you consume them raw or prepared, onions do miracles for your body.

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Keep in mind that raw onions include even more organic sulfur goodness, as well as your body system certain needs this.

Onions will spruce up your dish, without the negative impact of excess calories, undesirable fat or sodium.

You can prepare them anyway you like, but cooked, caramelized, sautéed as well as grilled onions are outright favorites.

Speaking of their terrific health advantages, onions will certainly additionally sustain a healthy and balanced thyroid function.

Dr Igor Knjazkin from St Petersburg has actually devised a reliable therapy that boosts the function of your thyroid gland, as well as it makes use of red onions.

This technique does not require any sort of special preparation. All you need to do is slice an onion in the evening, so it releases its recovery juices. Use the fifty percents to massage therapy your neck in the location of your thyroid gland.

Do not rinse the juice, as well as go straight to bed. The juices will certainly do their magic while you are sleeping.

Fresh onions support a healthy and balanced thyroid feature. Place an onion piece in a cotton sock, as well as go to sleep. Maintain in mind that onions remove dust from your skin, destroy unsafe microorganisms, and their phosphoric acid purifies blood.

In traditional medication onions have been used to:

  • Cleanse blood
  • Purify air
  • Destroy microorganisms and nasty bacteria