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This is the story of a woman called Candice Marie Fox, who did not surrender as well as saved her very own life.

Namely, Candice was diagnosed with cancer cells in 2011. As an outcome of the thyroid cancer which had infected other body organs, medical professionals did not believe that she would live even more than five years, recommending that she didn’t have time to combat versus the disease.

Even though she left broken as well as ruined, Candice made a decision to stand as well as battle for her own life. She decided to avoid chemotherapy and began curing herself naturally.

She thought that chemotherapy was not offering favorable outcomes, as she shed her relative when he was only 13, in addition to her buddy Jamie at 31.

Instead, she simply really did not give up as well as began gathering details on cancer.

During her investigation, she uncovered that bromelain, which is located in papaya, pineapple as well as kiwi, ruins the healthy protein layer of the cancer. Furthermore, she additionally found that pet healthy proteins feed it.

As soon as she located that bromelain includes extremely reliable cancer- fighting power, Candice began consuming 3 pineapples a day together with lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, apples and papaya. She was eating only fruits for days.

At the same time, she surrendered cigarette smoking and making use of cosmetics as well as cleaning items, and also exactly what is a lot more vital, she aimed to minimize stress.

Stress, chemicals and also pet products feed cancer, so I did away with them.”

During her own recovery procedure, she likewise located that when we eat huge meals, our body invests its energy to absorb all the food taken in. Hence, she now made a decision to conserve this power to combat versus the disease.

The outcomes of her treatment were validated after 6 months. Her medical professionals remained in a shock! Candice has actually succeeded to defeated cancer completely!