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Do you keep in mind when you were in chemistry course and also you learned regarding all the various components in the world? Well, oxygen as well as hydrogen are two essential aspects that are imperative to human life and survival. There are a lot of similarities between them, they additionally have differentiating characteristics that make them various from each other.


  • Oxygen and also hydrogen are both a need for all living points. Your mind and various other organs need oxygen to operate properly, you need it to breathe, for your metabolic process as well as to get rid of toxins from your body system. Hydrogen, on the other hand, has actually been made use of as a hoist gas, such as helium. Hydrogen belongs of water and is additionally made use of in the manufacturing of ammonia and as an unconventional energy source.

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  • Both oxygen and hydrogen are responsive, anemic gases that are found airborne and also are crucial for your survival. The main difference in between the 2 components is their physical as well as chemical properties. Oxygen consists of much more protons in its center, consequently giving it much more electrons and also a much higher molecular weight than hydrogen.

The Facts

  • Hydrogen is one of the most abundant element while oxygen is stone’s throw behind. Oxygen’s atomic weight is almost 15 times that of hydrogen, which is really the lightest of the gases. Oxygen and also hydrogen are both nonmetallic. Bottom line, You could not live without either oxygen or hydrogen.

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  • There are threats linked with hydrogen and also oxygen. Both gases are very combustive. You should never ever smoke around an oxygen tank or enable any kind of open fire when such a storage tank is present, particularly in a restricted area. This boosts the chances for a fire or surge. Making use of combustible hydrogen was the wrongdoer in charge of what befell the manned blimp Hindenberg that tragically exploded over New Jacket in 1937.