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If you have drooping abdominal muscles or rolls of loosened skin on your stomach, you may take into consideration getting an abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck. This procedure tightens up muscles that have ended up being also stretched out as well as eliminates excess stomach skin and fat. You could desire the surgical treatment if you have actually had numerous maternities or lost a sizable quantity of weight, leaving sagging skin. Appropriate care of your body as well as your abdominal muscles can aid you maintain your tighter belly, but the impacts aren’t irreversible if you allow yourself go.

Minimal Weight Gain

  • Gaining just a little bit of weight after a stomach tuck will not have a significant impact on your brand-new tummy. After you obtain a belly put, the variety of fat cells in your belly is reduced due to the fact that many cells were removed. This indicates that if you acquire merely a bit of weight, little of it will certainly visit your stomach unless you obtain greater than 20 to 30 percent of your body weight.

Excessive Gain

  • If you get a considerable quantity of weight, generally 30 percent or even more of your body weight, this could undo a few of the positive outcomes you experience from obtaining a belly tuck. In the beginning, weight gain happens primarily in various other parts of your body. If you eat a lot more calories compared to your body burns as well as do so regularly, over time you’ll get the weight in your stomach, too, eventually stretching back out the skin as well as muscle mass that were tightened up during surgery.


  • Maintaining or even losing weight is an excellent method to keep the stronger tummy you obtained from a belly tuck. Some individuals are so inspired by a flatter tummy that they change their way of life habits so they can keep the weight off. You’ll wish to consume a healthier diet regimen and also view your calories, guiding clear of high-fat foods and calorie-laden drinks, to ensure that you could maintain a good shape and also not get excess stomach weight.


  • If you obtain pregnant after obtaining a belly tuck, this can minimize the results of the surgery. A pregnancy will certainly extend back out the stomach muscles and also skin that were tightened up, not because of gains in fat yet since you’re acquiring much more volume in your tummy topic from the growth of your infant. If you think you’ll want more children, it could be best to wait to have your tummy tuck till after you have your last child.