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Since the beginnings of medicine, the shade of the urine has actually been made use of as a helpful analysis device. Its characteristics, including the shade, density, as well as scent can show the state of our wellness. This post discloses some of the things your pee reveals regarding you.

Your pee can change its color because of specific adjustments that occur in our body, it can vary from no color, light nuances, to uneven, also odd shades. Discover just how its color indicates your wellness concerns:

No Color (Transparent)

If your urine has no color, it suggests that your body has large amounts of water, so you need to lower the amount of water you consume.

Pale Straw Color

The normal color of the human pee is pale straw, so in this situation, it implies you keep a great equilibrium in your body, you are healthy and well hydrated.

Transparent Yellow

This urine shade likewise brings excellent news! It shows that you are in an excellent wellness condition.

Dark Yellow

This urine shade reveals that your health and wellness is additionally great, yet it needs hydration. It is recommended to consume even more liquids or water.

Amber or Honey

Your body is worn down and is in immediate requirement of water or some liquids, if your pee is in this color. Your body is under the hazard to totally dry out, so you need to consume water immediately.

Syrup or Brown Ale

This color of the urine shows that you have trouble with liver, as lots of studies found. It might be liver illness or your body is dehydrated.

Pink to Reddish

If your pee is pink or red, and you have not eaten beetroots, blueberries or rhubarb just recently, it indicates that you could have blood in your pee. It may not be a serious problem, however it can additionally be an indicator of kidney illness, lumps, urinary system infections, prostate problems, lead or mercury poisoning or another thing. You ought to consult your doctor immediately.


Orange shade of the pee could be an indicator of a lack of water, a liver or bile air duct condition, or food poisoning.

Blue or Green

This may be a sign of an unusual genetic disease that can transform your urine blue or eco-friendly. It can also show that certain germs contaminate the urinary system system. In most situations, it is due to a food color in something you consumed, or a medicine. If it lasts much longer, visit your doctor.

Foaming or Fizzy

If it occurs from time to time, it is most likely a safe hydraulic result, however it could suggest excess protein in your diet or a kidney issue. If consistent, see your doctor.