Feeding an elderly individual could be a difficult procedure, particularly if that client is reluctant or incapable to earn the situation simpler since of dementia or other physical failings. Feeding is an extremely delicate problem. Most individuals are ashamed and feel it is not dignified to be fed. It is important for caretakers to be empathetic as well as knowledgeable about the delicate situation in which the feeding process locations both person and caregiver. By using gentle, non-invasive stratagems, a caretaker can make the procedure easier while comforting the emotions of the patient.

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If a client is distracted or struggles with dementia, various other tasks in the space could make feeding almost difficult. Switch off the television and see to it the area is well lit to ensure that it is very easy to see exactly what the individual is consuming. Attempt to restrict external sounds, consisting of intercoms and also phone calls. Present the meal one meal each time. This aids guarantee that food is taken in and also makes the process easier.

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Patients that really feel hurried throughout the feeding procedure could reject to consume. This is frequently a defiant sensation if the patient perceives as a lack of regard for his self-respect. Constantly make sure the patient washes his hands– also if he will certainly not be utilizing them– which the client fits and also as upright as feasible. Make certain that dentures and glasses are conveniently located. Keep a discussion going to assist the individual remember just what is taking place as well as in order to help him stay concentrated. Usage appropriate regards to address–‘ Mr. Smith’ instead of ‘Bob’ unless the individual has actually advised you otherwise.


If the client is at all able to feed himself, after that allow him to do so. You could aid with this by making the movements that the individual should be using to share food to his mouth, positioning your hand over his to steady the food transfer process and by offering finger foods making consuming simpler. Smaller spoons could help stop choking as well as make the process extra convenient. Straws in drinking cups assist and non-stick floor coverings hold plates and also cutlery in position to restrict spills.

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