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Both bacon as well as salami are fatty meats that are not necessarily healthy and balanced. However, when picking between both, bacon has less calories and also grams of fat each slice.

Statistics of Bacon

  • Bacon is high in fat, treated with dangerous nitrosamines as well as not substantially advantageous in terms of protein. 68 % of bacon’s calories originate from fat, practically half of which is saturated. A typical slice of pan-fried bacon has 40-60 calories and 7.9 g of fat.

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Statistics of Salami

  • Salami is even unhealthier than bacon, as one piece of prepared beef salami has 67 calories and 26 g of fat. Salami also includes a higher level of nitrosamines compared to bacon, so it is recommended to consume it in small amounts to prevent threats of excessive weight and also various other illnesses.

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  • Although neither bacon nor salami offer significant health and wellness advantages, bacon is a healthier selection to eat. To prevent nitrate treating agents developing into nitrosamine, make bacon in the microwave. Eat in moderation and do not go beyond the adult serving size of 2-3 slices in one meal.

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  • Saturated fat can elevate cholesterol as well as increase the risk of heart diseases.

Healthy Alternatives

  • Veggie bacon, typically referred to as ‘facon’, along with vegetarian salami are largely made with tofu, which is high in protein. Picking meats lower in hydrogenated fat, such as hen as well as turkey, could be a healthy and balanced and satisfying exchange.