Carolyn Anderson, an American medical professional, asserts that he recognizes a recipe that could prevent of cancer illness. This easy dish is a mixture of 3 readily available ingredients.

According to Dr. Andersen, the basis of these searchings for is both thousand-years old custom of usage of these active ingredients in eastern India, which are validated by the latest Western clinical research. Furthermore, Anderson promotes that if these 3 active ingredients are eaten daily, one could nearly entirely dispose of the danger of cancer.

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The three ingredients that this incredible mix has are turmeric, olive oil and also ground black pepper.

The secret ingredient that offers the fantastic potential to this combination is turmeric. Turmeric extract is a spice through a yellow powder, which is one component of curry.

The anti-inflammatory buildings of turmeric are very powerful. It is the most reliable ingredient for reducing swelling in the body. Molecules in turmeric extract triggered by this anti-inflammatory effect are called curcumin.

Turmeric was scientifically proved to be able to stop many sorts of cancer cells, such as cancer of the colon, prostate, brain and bust cancer. In experiments applied to computer mice, it was shown that although the mice were exposed to cancer causing chemicals, as long as they use turmeric, the advancement of lots of sorts of cancer was entirely prevented.

Nevertheless, turmeric extract is barely deteriorated in the digestive system system, so in mix with pepper as well as ginger, they make the greatest blend ever. According to research study, pepper boosts the efficiency of turmeric as a lot as 200 percent. This three-ingredient combination is exceptionally efficient in the therapy and avoidance of cancer.


Mix 1/4 tsp of turmeric with 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, and also add a better pinch of fresh ground black pepper to them.

Method of preparation:

Mix these three ingredients in a mug. The mixture could be taken in as it is, or you could include it to your salads, soups or as a part of different dishes. You could eat this blend, yet also you can add it to a selection of dishes, soups and salads. In instance you include them to a prepared recipe, add them to the extremely end.


Anderson also mentioned that as effective cancer avoidance, yet likewise to ruin cancer cells, this mix needs to be used each day numerous times. – Use it as often as feasible – claims Anderson, claiming that this combination or a natural remedy versus malignant cancers cells have no side effects.