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Tea is a favored beverage that freshens and also warms up in wintertime days, providing health and wellness advantages while you are appreciating in drinking. These advantages could be also really felt in the hot summertime days by house ready cold teas.

Nettle Tea

► Cleans up the belly, intestines and also liver
► Anemia
► Hemorrhoids
► Jaundice
► Jungle fever as well as all various other kinds of fevers

Chamomile Tea
► Abdominal pain
► Colds
► Infections of the skin as well as mucous membranes
► Remedy for insomnia
►Migraine headaches

Thyme Tea

► Problems with gastrointestinal organs
► Colds
► Bladder Problems
► Calming and good sleep
► Bad Breath

St John’s (Klamath weed) Tea
► Increase immunity
► Laundry injuries for faster healing
► Better function of the gastrointestinal tract
► Better sleep

Green Tea
►Reduce the risk of cancer
► Stopping heart problem as well as stroke
► Assists in melting the fat tissue
► Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
► Helps to enhance the immune system

Parsley Tea
► Aids with high blood pressure
►Lower the cholesterol
►Helps with allergies

Mountain Tea
► Better appetite
► Colds and flu
► Angina
► Aids with the disorder of the digestive organs

Hibiscus Tea
► High blood pressure
► Cholesterol
► Keep fresh and energetic throughout the day

Bars Tea
► Improve metabolic rate and also immunity
► Relaxes blood vessels
► Assists with high blood pressure

Mint Tea

► Reduce the abdominal pain
► Better hunger and also digestion
► Respiratory problems